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Ludeamus Igitur
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Date:2010-01-06 09:20
Subject:Calendar confusion

Listening to and reading the news this morning, you'd think that Catholics still celebrate the Epiphany on January 6th. Perhaps the US Bishops should take note of this.

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Date:2009-12-19 12:01
Subject:Best news ever!

Behold: Extremely good news!

We shall be entering into the sacrament of matrimony in October 2010.

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Date:2009-07-22 19:04
Subject:Don't install that CD!

I am glad I am not the only person instinctively afraid of installing the software that comes with hardware. Is having easy access to the ink levels in my printer really worth the 50,000k of random inexplicable HP software with late-1990's style UIs that I will inevitably end up installing in order to get it?

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Date:2009-07-10 22:58
Subject:Fr. Neuhaus on Death

I don't remember if I posted this around the time of Fr. Neuhaus's death (RIP), but the following is a moving meditation
on life, death, suffering, and illness, and the meaning of it all by Fr. Neuhaus.

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Date:2009-07-10 21:30
Subject:For fans of Lolcats

In Soviet Russia, there were Яolcats (Is outrage!)

And for the liturgically inclined: LOLSaints

And if somehow combining them makes you think about taking over the world, make sure you install an extremely intimidating washing machine in your evil lair.

(Ok, ok, so this is more of a linkdump than a coherent blog post... cleaning out the old to do file...)

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Date:2009-07-10 21:30
Subject:Optimal Optigan

I think this is sort of like a steampunk synthesizer, except it's not steam powered. Is there any such thing as vinylpunk? Solidstatepunk?

Has anyone written a concerto for optigan yet?

Subway optigan busker is the new official gold standard for getting large-denomination bills in the instrument case (now that subway theramin players are dime-a-dozen).

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Date:2009-07-10 21:09
Subject:Sounds like fun

This almost reads like a call to arms:

"The Philippines is a disaster-prone nation and an archivist’s nightmare. Situated strategically in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is subject to earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural catastrophes. Political instability and waves of invasions by contending forces have made historical documents extremely vulnerable to man-made devastation. ... Many musicians who were literate in western music ntation did not entrust their music manuscript collections to libraries or archives. In part, this might have been because competition among rival orchestras, choirs, and bands led to the jealous guarding of personal scores, which were therefore accessible only
to one’s trusted associates. "

Finding Marcelo: Reconstructing the Lost Repertoire of a Nineteenth-century
Philippine Master (Elena Mirano)

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Date:2009-06-27 20:43
Subject:So much for that

Well this makes MegaBus an essentially useless Portland to New York connection.

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Date:2009-06-26 22:56
Subject:Sacred Heart in NYC

The beautiful French baroque church of St. Jean Baptiste on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (my former parish) hosted Bishop Rifan of Brazil two weeks ago, the first time a pontifical rite was celebrated in New York using the Extraordinary Form ceremonial in over a decade and only the fourth or fifth since the Council. This is almost certainly the most complex and intricate Roman-rite liturgy to occur in NYC in the past decade, even moreso than the recent papal visit and installation of the new archbishop in terms of ritual (if not numbers).

Anyway, thanks to the dedicated MC's, priests, and amazing musicians, it was a glorious occasion to celebrate the outpouring of Christ's love symbolized by his Sacred Heart:

Now that's what that old high altar was made for...

Tons more amazing pictures and images (and some video) at: Pontifical Mass Photos and Footage courtesy of the Sacred Heart Confraternity

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Date:2009-05-19 23:28
Subject:Sad news

In thanksgiving and memory.
Hinky, beloved family cat for 16 years.

Died May 19, 2009 at home in North Yarmouth.

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Date:2009-05-03 23:24

Liturgical punk band name idea:

The Wholly Rude Guild

(inspiration: The Holy Rood Guild)

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Date:2009-04-24 11:41

Conlon Nancarrow's Study #12 is a bit like Bizet's Carmen meets Super Mario Bros, all on player piano...

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Date:2009-03-13 13:17
Subject:Who's Day is it Again?

St. Patrick's day was celebrated in my office today with soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, and the like.

Office Services likes to send around factoids tangentially related to the food theme for the week and this week we were informed of how the Druids held three to be a sacred number, and thus the shamrock's significance.

Reminded me of this.

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Date:2009-01-30 17:11
Subject:And bring back hats too

Another minor blow against civilization:

Obama is loosening the dress code at the White House
. Although I agree the plates are lame. Can't be good for the folks peddling the official Obama collector plates, though...

And since the tie industry needs a bailout, couldn't Obama throw them a bone?

Then again I've been reading the "death of necktie" articles since I've been old enough to read articles... and the curmuddgeonly circle of friends I have may be able to prop-up the industry a bit longer.

Also there are now only a handful of eateries left that require ties in New York, although the Times (as it is wont to do) does slightly exaggerate the 21 club's capitulation. And, aside from the Union League Club (for lectures) I haven't actually been anywhere where a tie is required, and in the neckwear department I am semper paratus anyway.

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Date:2009-01-06 20:05
Subject:Another amazingly awesome use of the Internet

Sit or Squat helps you find bathrooms near you using your iPhone, other mobile device, or just over the Internet. There are even pictures of many toilets to preview how grimy the place is.

Putting the wisdom of crowds to good use. Remind me how we survived without the Internet again?

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Date:2008-12-03 20:58

Inspired by fellow-server Nathaniel at First Things, I offer yet another awesome Advent hymn, this one of very ancient provenance: the office hymn for Lauds (through Dec 16):

Vox Clara Ecce Intonat, available in PDF form from Aristotle, and a different version to listen to here: Vox Clara on Last.fm

Nothing like a hymn decrying sloth to get you going on a wintry morning.

Two other advent gems:
Wachet Auf

Lo, he comes with clouds descending

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Date:2008-12-03 20:40
Subject:New Units of Measure

One Viennese School: the distance between something awesome and the modernist reinvention of it.

One Vosko: the standard unit of suck involved in an architectural renovation of a church. Can be negative (one stroik = -1.5 kilovoskos)

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Date:2008-12-03 20:34
Subject:Robot vs. cat

Two of my favorite things in one very mildly hilarious Youtube video:


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Date:2008-12-03 20:24
Subject:Incense excepted?

This may have already made its way around the blogosphere, but I missed it if so.

Apparently vicars in the CoE rebelled against the requirement that they fail to post "no smoking" signs:

I haven't seen a follow-up, alas.

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Date:2008-11-05 19:01

At least we won't have to spend the next four years listening to how stupid, evil, and mendacious the President of the United States is.

And Obama's election has improved the perception of the United States in the world (particularly in "Old Europe")--and since Obama is unlikely to upset the UN/EU consensus, that diplomatic capital may be useful to the next Republican administration.

I also hope that with the bogeyman of Evil Bush gone, it will be more acceptable to differ from the liberal orthodoxy in polite company.

Obama can't run on Change and Hope again - he'll need to run on results. And perhaps the Republicans will get their act together and nominate an electable, real conservative in the next election.

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