Thomas V (padrepuffin) wrote,
Thomas V

And bring back hats too

Another minor blow against civilization:

Obama is loosening the dress code at the White House
. Although I agree the plates are lame. Can't be good for the folks peddling the official Obama collector plates, though...

And since the tie industry needs a bailout, couldn't Obama throw them a bone?

Then again I've been reading the "death of necktie" articles since I've been old enough to read articles... and the curmuddgeonly circle of friends I have may be able to prop-up the industry a bit longer.

Also there are now only a handful of eateries left that require ties in New York, although the Times (as it is wont to do) does slightly exaggerate the 21 club's capitulation. And, aside from the Union League Club (for lectures) I haven't actually been anywhere where a tie is required, and in the neckwear department I am semper paratus anyway.
Tags: curmmudgeon, decline of civilization, fashion, neckties, ties
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