Thomas V (padrepuffin) wrote,
Thomas V

Sacred Heart in NYC

The beautiful French baroque church of St. Jean Baptiste on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (my former parish) hosted Bishop Rifan of Brazil two weeks ago, the first time a pontifical rite was celebrated in New York using the Extraordinary Form ceremonial in over a decade and only the fourth or fifth since the Council. This is almost certainly the most complex and intricate Roman-rite liturgy to occur in NYC in the past decade, even moreso than the recent papal visit and installation of the new archbishop in terms of ritual (if not numbers).

Anyway, thanks to the dedicated MC's, priests, and amazing musicians, it was a glorious occasion to celebrate the outpouring of Christ's love symbolized by his Sacred Heart:

Now that's what that old high altar was made for...

Tons more amazing pictures and images (and some video) at: Pontifical Mass Photos and Footage courtesy of the Sacred Heart Confraternity
Tags: liturgy, pontifical, serving
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