Thomas V (padrepuffin) wrote,
Thomas V

Sounds like fun

This almost reads like a call to arms:

"The Philippines is a disaster-prone nation and an archivist’s nightmare. Situated strategically in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is subject to earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other natural catastrophes. Political instability and waves of invasions by contending forces have made historical documents extremely vulnerable to man-made devastation. ... Many musicians who were literate in western music ntation did not entrust their music manuscript collections to libraries or archives. In part, this might have been because competition among rival orchestras, choirs, and bands led to the jealous guarding of personal scores, which were therefore accessible only
to one’s trusted associates. "

Finding Marcelo: Reconstructing the Lost Repertoire of a Nineteenth-century
Philippine Master (Elena Mirano)
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